My work is inspired by historical, ancient mythological and cultural ideas human origins, mysticism, religious beliefs, and symbolism.  I am constantly questioning the unknown, lost civilizations, the Darwinian timeline, and on a never-ending journey tracing the story of earth and all it’s inhabitants past and present.

 My current work rendered on oil & acrylic on the archival contemporary Dura-Lar is based on research of ancient cultures from all parts of the globe exploring their mythological belief systems and what remains behind in the form of relief carvings, codex's, sculptures and monuments, then combining their influence with a natural creative intuition. This luminous pigmented work involves a layering stipple process focusing on spot weight; color palette, image size, and varying ranges of solid space. I’ve pushed further by incorporating custom design shadowbox frames with raw wood and increasing the layers with richer backgrounds to highlight the work.



BFA University of Rhode Island 2010

AA in Arts Community College of RI 2007

Portsmouth High School 1999


Graduated summa cum laude 2010 

Deans list 2008-2010 

Onyx Senior Honors Society 2010

David Edmonds Award for Outstanding
Artistic and Creative Expression 2010


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